About DMI

We are a well established Hong Kong-based internationally-oriented company providing quality and diversified marketing services since 1989. Through the years, we have gained a reputation of being a credible and reliable company with a wide range of excellent, world-class quality services, utilizing a variety of both conventional and technologically-advanced channels to aid in the promotion of our clients’ products and services.

We supply practical and effective solutions to our clients’ marketing needs. We work hand in hand with our clients and partners in formulating thematic and tactical cross media marketing campaign strategies and action plans and professionally implementing and carefully handling each and every project to ensure specific goals are met. After which, we evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of each campaign and provide insights that would serve as a guide in formulating subsequent strategies and campaigns.

Our Services

Database Marketing

In the entire direct marketing stage, database management marketing means to help clients precisely identify their markets and select their marketing targets, in a word, to determine toward whom their marketing is directed. DMI’s gigantic, accurate real-time and precious database is one of the most powerful means that help clients spot their marketing targets.

PR, CRM and Events Planning

DMI’s extensive client network, multiple successes and efficient execution team are the requisites to help clients with their CRM and campaign planning.

Print and Production in Greater China

The DMI team has helped companies in Asia, North America and Europe increase their return on investment by lowering their print and production costs. This is attained by producing mail pieces in the greater China area, achieving as much as 40% savings.

One to One Marketing

In the entire direct marketing stage, one to one marketing means to help clients make effective communication of the marketing information in the selected markets. DMI’s complete, efficient and secured communication channels and IT system are one of the powerful means that help customers with the efficient delivery of marketing information.

Our Case

Our Team

Now our company has more than 50 staff, which are energetic, passionate and experienced. They afford qualified and diverse marketing solution with competence, integrity and consideration. Our team, which has abundant experience and expertise in direct marketing, PR, CRM, applies itself to creating more value to our clients. We believe in “People Oriented” so we build up a team with rational construction, well training, and strong competitive power, which will make DMI an excellent international direct marketing company.

Jo Jo So, is Chief Executive Officer of Direct Marketing International, a company she founded in 1989. In her 20 years in the business, Jo Jo successfully grew DMI from a start-up to a leading provider of full direct marketing services with over 50 employees in Hong Kong and China. It was in 2006 that she opened the Shanghai office, creating one of the most reliable and dependable hub for print and production and premium sourcing in Asia. She invested in technologically-advanced machines and softwares to provide world-class products and services. In addition to serving as CEO of Direct Marketing international, Jo Jo is also founder and managing director of DMI Concepts, a company that provides exhibition management services.

Jo Jo is responsible for running all facets of the business. She spends half of her time in the Hong Kong office and half of the time in the Shanghai office. She travels and participates in direct marketing conferences and exhibitions. Not wanting to slow down, Jo Jo continuously plans her new business ventures that are somehow interrelated with her other companies.

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